About Us

Company profile

Bokart is leading Croatian company in segment of decorative glass in architecture. So far we have gained a reputation of innovative company that is able to make even the most demanding projects. Our goal is to implement and promote architectural art glass, offering a wide range of standard and unique solutions. With proven project management, design, professional associates and top production plant, we are able to offer solutions for every challenge in glass and architecture.

The development of the company through different projects with the most challenging designs in glass and in close cooperation with architects and artists, Bokart has gained the experience that will share with you on your project. Our flexible and innovative approach to solving all of your requirements and the project will enable us to find a solution together that will be aesthetically and functionally satisfactory.

The BOKART company was founded in 2003. We have found inspiration for the name in one of five Dubrovnik’s towers – BOKAR. Throughout the years, we have acquired new knowledge, skills, and most importantly valuable employees who share our love for glass. Today we have 21 employees. We are always looking for valuable and capable individuals who enjoy their work. After twelve years of committed work behind us, we have successfully completed projects in over 20 countries.

Invest in the future trough investing in employes…

We believe in unlimited creativity and playfulness and constant search for new and unusual glass processing. With the family tradition of transferring knowledge through 3 generations, we have established a high level of quality and innovation. We have become the leading company in the region specializing in decorative and art glass in architecture. We have the reputation of an innovative company and we are able to complete even the most demanding tasks. We are committed to our work from the beginning and we always strive for the highest quality. In the past 10 years we have mastered most of the techniques available for glass processing, but we have also invented some new techniques!