Textile Laminate

Created by visual artist and textile designer Silvio Vujičić, the S&S Collections brings together his innovative and experimental view on the world of textile which he merges with Bokart production technologies.
The collection is divided into two categories: directional / non-directional patterns and bespoke pieces. Textile laminate is actually a textile between two or more layers of glass. The process itself freezes the moment of these textiles and brings out the organic characteristic of fibers.
Laminated textiles are perfect for diffusing light and creating ambient while dividing rooms. Used by a lot of high-end interior designers and architects these products constantly provoke by its intricate nature and many details.

Burn Out Series

Sediment Series

Fiber Etch Series

Rust Imprint Series

Inter Bespoke Series

Text Textile Bespoke Series

Artisanal Bespoke Works