All glass techniques under one roof and more

In search for new ways how to decorate glass we developed range of unique decorating techniques which if combined give us endless possibilities how to express on glass.

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Glass Painting
Artistic technique that provides wide range of possibilities for artistic expression. Glass is painted by brush or other art tool to obtain different effect. Colors are fused into the glas on high temperatures to secure quality and durability of painting.
Depending on the applications, the colors can be applied in powder, small granulates, brushed or mixed with a variety of media that provide different effects in transparent or opalescent finish.
Artist: Tihomir Lončar
Airbush technique is high-end glass painting technique that allows artist to achieve richer treatment of glass surface, soft transition and gradient colors. By applying the color by small spray and brush, more freedom in art expression is achieved.
The paint is applied as a mist on the glass surface and treated with temperature so that color is fused with glass.Combining several techniques and glass texturing, we can obtain soft transparent or opaque effect, which allows artist to correspond with space and desired light effect.
Hotel Radisson Blu in Dubrovnik
We are offering several different types of finishing such as uniformly sandblasted surfaces, designed graphic motifs, brush stroke, the writing on the glass, sandblasting on both sides of the glass, and many other combinations.
With our new innovative technology we are able to transfer any photography with all the small details in sandblasted glass. Treated surfaces are protected from dirt or oil stains on the glass.
Any black / white digital design works.
Glass Fusing
Glass fusion is one of the most creative glass processing. Fused glass offers a very wide range of processing capabilities and unique effects.
It is possible to create different structures within the glass, adding different color, combining several glasses together, working with irregular shapes and create new forms. If demanded, fused glasses can be laminated for security requirements.
TEchnique: FUSING
Technique used to join glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperature.
Glass Texturing
Glass is laid on the structured mold surface made of fireproof material. At very high temperatures the glass takes the form of the mold.
Moulds are made of different materials which enables us to produce different shapes and structures from high technical precision to free art forms. In this way it is possible to get different sculptures, plates and other desired forms.
Technique: Glass Texturing
For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, textured glass gives you a whole range of attractive options.
Digital UV or Ceramic print
Any picture or graphic directly on glass. Picture can be opalescent, translucent or transparent depending on the preferred effect and different strengths of glass may be used as a single panel safety glass or laminated glass.
Colors that are being used are UV or Ceramic pigments and can be used for interior and exterior purposes.
Technique: Digital Print
We print directly on glass with best technology in world.
Silvering / Mirrors
We revived old process and improved it significtly.
Able to produce gold, silver, coper and galena mirrors with different antique or decorative finishes.
Beside classics we can play with different thickness of precious metals sedimented onto glass and achieve amazing results just with mirrors.
Technique: Mirrors
We can make Gold, silver, coper or galena Mirrors.
With different antique finishes.
Digital Mirror Print
We invented a new technology how to print gold, coper, silver and galena onto glass.
All mirror prints can be oxidized to achieve antique finishes.
Technique: Digital Mirror Print
We can make Gold, silver, coper or galena Mirrors digitaly.
With different antique finishes.
Verre églomisé
In the gilding process, the silver, gold or other metal leaf is fixed using a gelatin adhesive which, after steaming, results in a mirror-like, reflective finish.
The design can be applied by various techniques, often by reverse painting prior to gilding, or by engraving the design into the gilded layer, or even into the glass.
Technique: Verre églomisé
Distressed Hand-Gilded Mirror
Let's explore further posibilites
Our Studio is located near city of Zagreb with more then 1800 square meters we have all necessary equipment to four-fill most demanding art projects.
If you need more information about any of techniques or how to apply them on your further project please contact us.