Glass Painting

Artistic technique that provides wide range of possibilities for artistic expression. Glass is painted by brush or other art tool to obtain different effect. Colors are fused into the glas on high temperatures to secure quality and durability of painting. Depending on the applications, the colors can be applied in powder, small granulates, brushed or mixed with a variety of media that provide different effects in transparent or opalescent finish.


Airbush technique is high-end glass painting technique that allows artist to achieve richer treatment of glass surface, soft transition and gradient colors. By applying the color by small spray and brush, more freedom in art expression is achieved. The paint is applied as a mist on the glass surface and treated with temperature so that color is fused with glass.Combining several techniques and glass texturing, we can obtain soft transparent or opaque effect, which allows artist to correspond with space and desired light effect.  


Sandblasting is process of etching of glass surface with high pressure sand or aluminum granules. Blasting may be superficial or deep. With superficial blasting it gains matte finish and with a deeper depth relief. We are offering several different types of finishing such as uniformly sandblasted surfaces, designed graphic motifs, brush stroke, the writing on the glass, sandblasting on both sides of the glass, and many other combinations. With our new innovative technology we are able to transfer any fotography with any small details in sandblasted glass. Treated surfaces are protected from dirt or oil stains on the glass.

Glass lamination

It is possible to bond and connect to different forms of glass by using bonding technique with UV glue, special two-component transparent silicone or glass lamination. In this way, it is possible to get different sculptures in space or to bond ​​more layers of glass partially or overall.,. Glass lamination is thermal treatment of glass with special glass lamination foils by which is possible to connect two or more layers of glass in a single unit. Glass or foil before can be painted, carved, sanded, etc. Between the glass can also be mounted collages of different materials as textiles, papers, natural materials etc.All adhesives have been tested and are UV resistant and therefore suitable for interior and exterior use


Glass fusion is one of the most creative glass processing. Fused glass offers a very wide range of processing capabilities and unique effects. It is possible to create different structures within the glass, adding different color, combining several glasses together, working with irregular shapes and create new forms. If demanded, fused glasses can be laminated for security requirements.

Glass Texturing

Glass is laid on the structured mold surface made of fireproof material. At very high temperatures the glass takes the form of the mold. Moulds are made of different materials which enables us to produce different shapes and structures from high technical precision to free art forms. In this way it is possible to get different sculptures, plates and other desired forms.

Digital Printing

It is possible to print any picture or graphic directly on glass. Picture can be opalescent, translucent or transparent depending on the prefered effect and different strenghts of glass may be used as a single pane safety glass or laminated glass. Color that are being used are UV stable and can be used for interior and exterior purposes.