We can create vast variety of custom antique and decorative mirrors.
We created and installed 16000 glass tubes
With built in LED light.
Each glass tube has it's own LED.
Over 50 000 handcrafted glass pieces
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Art & Architectural projects

Bokart is the leading company in the field of applying art and decorative glass in architecture. The acquired knowledge, experience and a variety of decorative glass processing techniques enable us to successfully perform even the most demanding projects. Our goal is to promote and implement modern art glass in architecture by offering a wide range of standard and unique solutions. We strive for perfection. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and top-notch experts ensure successful execution of the most demanding architectural projects.


Sacral projects

Sacral projects require the synergy of all the knowledge, experience, and technology with an artistic vision which reflects the exquisite theological knowledge and the knowledge of the architectural specificity of the project site. Sacral art carries a mark of closeness to its surroundings and the locality to be refined, and a signature of the artist's vision that will convey the spiritual perceptions of beauty through its interpretation.